Teachings, WOrkshops & group offerings

I am an experiential teacher and I strive to teach through supporting people and communities to come to an embodied understanding of what they are learning.  I use my intuition along with my training and experience to collaborate with my students and guide them in connecting to their own intuition and experiential wisdom.


Intuitive Tarot: Queering Messages for your c/heart

Presented at the Queer Astrology Conference)

Winter 2018

Magic in The Shuffle: Intuitive Tarot With Linda Beet and Sharon Pink 

Spring 2018

Pulling Our Way Through: A Two Day Tarot Workshop with Sharon Pink and Lee Williams Boudakian 

Spring 2017

Elements of Magic: Bridging the Everyday Magic of Mystery & Science An introduction to the ritual of Reclaiming Witchcraft with Linda Beet, Goo & Sharon Pink 

Winter 2017

Where Our Fire Flows: A 4 Week Magical Interdisciplinary Writing Workshop Using Inspiration From The Tarot with Amal Rana and Sharon Pink 

Fall 2016


Priestessing (aka magical facilitating) is such a deep love of mine. I strive to priestess in a way that can support the intention of the ritual, ceremony or gathering. 


Some of the events I have priestessed include:

Weddings and Love Ceremonies

Community and Individual healing rituals

Tarot readings


I believe deeply in the necessity of community and people gathering, and  with all the fire in my astrological chart, I love supporting the transformation of ideas into actions. I am continually learning ways to improve these skills, particularly when it comes to the safety and accessibility of the events I organize.  Community collaboration is a core component to my spiritual practice, and I believe we can find ourselves in connection with each others.

Some types of events I have organized include:

Local Vancouver Reclaiming Community Samhaian Rituals

Femme-centered gatherings

Community queer events